Silverfall Interview, Part One

RPG Vault has posted the first portion of a new interview with Monte Cristo's Jehane Steiner about their upcoming action RPG, Silverfall.
Q: What kinds of goals did you set in terms of the type of gameworld the players will experience? And what's most distinctive about it?

A: On the surface, the world of Nelwë might seem similar to other familiar fantasy worlds, but it includes some steampunk elements that really distinguish it from other game universes. Here, you can visit a city built on canyons, above which is a floating city held aloft by zeppelins, and there are green hills with huts and stone circles all over Gaïan. There are swamps with ruins, technological cities in a snowy landscape, semi-organic lairs of insect-like creatures, the giant zeppelins of the Necroraiders, Frankenstein-like pirates and, of course, the mage cities; vast giants built on power nexuses, waterfalls and volcanoes.

We really wanted to get away from the standard cute half-timbered medieval houses we see in so many games in the genre, and I don't think any game has ever had cities quite like the ones in Silverfall; I hope players will have fun exploring them. The aim for us when creating these different landscapes was to really allow the player to go on a journey, and to see something completely different and to let him dream; I think we have succeeded.