Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Previews

A couple more hands-on previews for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning have hit the web, both of which are based on what was shown at EA Mythic's recent press event. The first is at GameSpy:
Unlike the more traditional RPG class distinctions (tank, DPS, healer, buffer, crowd control), Warhammer Online divides classes into "tank," "melee DPS," "ranged DPS," and "melee/healer." We first check out the Empire's Knight of the Blazing Sun and Chaos' Chosen. Both are pretty traditional tanks, loaded up with armor and hit points designed to let them withstand big punishment. Next up are the Empire's Warrior Priests and Chaos' Zealots. Both are referred to as "melee/healers" because of the way they gain the power to cast spells. These aren't standoff clerics. They need to do melee damage in order to build up reservoirs of faith/fanaticism that can then be spent on healing spells.

And the second is at IGN PC:
The MMO version of Chaos sees its adherents serving under the bird god Tzeentch, one of the four Chaos deities in the tabletop game. The other three gods -- Nurgel, Khorne and Slaanesh -- will appear in the game but aren't as great a part of the Chaos player's experience.

The presence of Tzeentch is apparent in the visual design and outlook of Chaos's four class types. The Zealot is the healer of the group and his overall wardrobe reflects his avian connection. More interesting is the Magus. This ranged spellcaster rides around on a slim disc and uses his power over the wind and the fiery, sometimes explosive, power of Chaos to damage his enemies.