Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Interview

IGN's TQ Vault had the chance to sit down with THQ's Michael Fitch for a brief Q&A about the upcoming Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion pack.
Q: Can you choose dream as your second mastery if you have been a single class character thus far?

A: Definitely. One of my favorite things about the Dream mastery is that it can fit with just about any character build. If you're magic-focused, it's got a trance that will increase your energy regen rate, some good passive defense, and some killer new attack skills. If you're melee-focused, it gives you a couple of group-attack skills, boosts to physical damage and defense, and the Phantom Strike skill is great for busting up those deadly groups of archers or mages. If you're a ranged character, you can manage crowds much more effectively with stuns and the new Sleep skill, as well as being able to reflect damage back at attackers or damage them when they get up close to you. We pushed really hard on this mastery to make sure that it was something anyone could be excited about using, and the team did a terrific job of getting it there.