Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

NWN2 News was able to track down Obsidian's Annie Carlson for a lengthy Q&A about her past game development experience, custom Neverwinter Nights 2 content, and more.
Q: If you could re-do any past CRPG with today’s technology which game would that be and why?

A: The Eye of the Beholder series, no question: I played Eye of the Beholder II a preposterous amount with my friends and my older brother â€( and when I found out that a group is actually doing a NWN2 mod of it, I shrieked with glee and emailed them instantly expressing my joy at the prospect. Second to that, I might enjoy an update of the super-obsure game Phantasie, which I spent a great deal of my childhood playing and seriously, I honestly had gotten to the point of thinking I’d lost touch with it entirely and that I could not possibly ever locate it again until I found it on MobyGames. I don’t even know if it’s worth remaking anymore, but man, I had fun with it.