Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Designer Diary #2, Revised

GameSpot has apparently revised their second Titan Quest: Immortal Throne designer diary to instead feature Iron Lore's Ian Frazier (of Team Lazarus fame) discussing the expansion's new Dream mastery.
Among the first skills you will gain as a seer is the trance. Seers have the ability to go into a trance state, during which special benefits are conferred. Three unique trances are available in Immortal Throne: the trance of empathy, which forces enemies to share in the pain that they inflict upon you; the trance of convalescence, which allows you to heal at a remarkable rate and absorb damage in the heat of battle; and the trance of wrath, which weakens and burns all enemies around the player with dark psionic energy. Trances are extremely powerful, but only one can be active at a time, so the player will learn which trance is best for each situation and use it accordingly.

The designer diary is also available as a video in their media section, if you'd rather watch some gameplay footage while learning about the new mastery. I'm really not sure what happened to Ben Schneider's original diary, though.