Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Designer Diary #2

GameSpot has published a second designer diary for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, this time with Iron Lore's Ben Schneider discussing the expansion's story and lore.
Since the earliest times of mortals, the plains have been largely desolate. A wandering shade, or daemons erecting a statue to their lord, the god Hades, would be surrounded by miles of emptiness, save the consistent stream of new shades in their pilgrimage. Recently, things have changed. Old daemons, such as the Keres and Troglodytes, have appeared in great numbers, girded for war. They have been joined by other daemons never before seen in these parts. They wander the City of Lost Souls and patrol the salt flats. They beat shades cruelly when they get in the way. In fact, in the part of the plains once known as the Asphodel Fields, the daemons have erected a vast, mobile war camp. But no one seems to know where they are bound or against whom they wage their war. Shades hear horrible tales and dread to go near.

UPDATE: The designer diary has since been updated to feature information about the new Dream mastery instead.