Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

MMORPG.com had the opportunity to sit down with Games Workshop's Erik Mogensen for a quick Q&A about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and the Warhammer franchise in general.
Q: Does Games Workshop have any plans to launch miniatures that will relate to Warhammer Online? Is there a possibility we’ll see an Age of Reckoning campaign for the table top as well?

A: We keep these two parts of the business (Licensing and Tabletop Wargames) completely separate, and most of the time we don’t engage in cross-overs like that. We make sure each stays consistent with the other of course, but it’s very difficult to coordinate the activities of two such different businesses, each working with huge lead times. So, we don’t generally plan for it, but if the guys in our design studio see an element in WAR that they really like, they’re free to use it and put it in the tabletop game.

With Dawn of War, Relic needed a builder unit for the Eldar â€( someone to construct their bases. For years we’ve mentioned that the Eldar have Bonesingers, essentially psychics who manipulate Wraithbone (a super-strong psychoactive plastic material) to construct their buildings and war machines. We’d never revealed what they look like, although I was able to get Relic some concept art and so they had their builder unit. GW’s design studio liked Relic’s take on the Bonesinger so much, that they took Relic’s design and turned it into a promotional miniature. Only time will tell if something similar will happen with WAR. So far our studio has been very impressed with all of the concept art they’ve seen.