Titan Quest State of the Game

Iron Lore's Mike Verrette has once again stopped by the TitanQuest.net forums, this time to discuss the current progress of the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion pack.
Hello Everyone,

First off I want to wish everyone in the community happy holidays from everyone here at Iron Lore. We haven't been hanging out in the forums much this past month as we have been cranking on Immortal Throne. We have moved past the production stage and are now in the optimization, polish and bug fixing stage and if I may say so the game is looking pretty sweet!

We have all kinds of press stuff coming your way: dev diaries, designer guides, new web site, screen shots. that should all start rolling out later this month. So life around the office has been pretty busy  In the few hours a day we haven't been working we have been playing some Gears of War online multiplayer of course - and checking out the Wii. The bowling game happens to be the current favorite, and amazingly enough no one has managed to propel the controller through the 50) flat screen yet.

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as more info about TQ Immortal Throne gets released.