The Age of Decadence Peek #1

RPG Vault has posted their first "peek" feature for The Age of Decadence, kicking the series off with Iron Tower Studios' Vince D. Weller discussing how the team is designing some of the RPG's side quests.
We use our side quests to show characters and factions - what they do, how and why, how they fit into the setting, and what role they play. Sounds too vague? Here is an example of a thieves guild. Everyone knows what it *basically* is, but that doesn't say much, does it? So, should you decide to join the Age of Decadence thieves guild, we'll take you on a tour and show, through a series of quests, how it operates and stays in business, its relationship with other factions, and what it's like to be a member of such a guild versus being a guild-less thief that nobody cares about but his mother.

The first mission is not to steal something - we believe you can do that on your own - but to find a new way to smuggle stolen goods out of the town. There are several ways to do that, of course, requiring different skills and abilities. This quest is your first step to see, understand, and even improve the operations of the guild. Or ruin it with your incompetence. You decide.