Wizardry 8 Review

One of the editors RPG Codex took the time to play through Sir-Tech's Wizardry 8 again and has conjured up a thorough review of the classic RPG. There's no score with the review, but the article is definitely favorable overall:
Surprisingly, while I find myself complaining about several flaws of the combat system, I actually enjoy it. I'm not making any excuses for it - there were certainly better ways to handle it although it is manageable and fun, and on a personal note that is what matters to me. It's also worthy of note that the combat deficiencies indirectly make the combat engaging and challenging, and if you're one of those tired with piddling and monotonous combat that's found on so many CRPGs nowadays, Wizardry 8 actually has you using your surroundings to vanquish enemies. The unique party builds you can create also help alleviate most of the problems since every party will find different ways to handle combat and exploring these is very rewarding, and eventually combat will become easier to get into as the party grows in power and players get used to enemy patterns. The character creation process is deep if you're into juggling probabilities and number crunching but accessible enough so you can jump right into the fray. The classes are varied and there's something for every character to do or attain, whether it's a new skill, spell or item. And the possibility of having RPCs join also gives you more ways to manage combat especially if the RPCs compliment your party rather than bloat it. But chances are if you don't like the game's combat, you won't like the game. On the other hand I have to admit very much liking this game, warts and all.