Silverfall First Impressions

Games Radar is offering up some first impressions of Monte Cristo's Silverfall, after spending some hands-on time with the upcoming fantasy RPG.
The game begins with the city of Silverfall under siege by a horde of undead minions, and you'll soon find yourself in a refugee camp with the remaining survivors. The choice between the technology and nature factions comes into play right from the start as you begin taking on quests. Do you help install gas generators to provide power to your struggling camp at the expense of the marshland's health? Or do you take down a rogue group of infidels who've defiled a symbol of worship to acquire stones to repair your walls?

Either way, you'll be helping to rebuild the once proud city of Silverfall. Your alignment will determine what kinds of items will be available from vendors and whether Silverfall develops into a steam technology driven metropolis or a Garden of Eden like haven that coexists with its natural surroundings.