Neverwinter Nights 2 Chat Log

NWN2 Warcry has posted an edited log of last night's IRC chat with members of the Neverwinter Nights 2 development team. For those of us who still don't have the game, it only makes waiting even harder:
Q: Are there any cameos from characters from either well-known D&D novels or prior games by Bioware/BI/Obsidian? With the long history of some of the people involved, is there any chance for some Interplay/Black Isle/Bioware/Obsidian easter eggs?

[OEI]AnthonyD: A certain bard has already been leaked to the general NWN community but he will be making an appearance

[OEI]TonyE: More like Dinosaur Eggs. Just wait and see...

[OEI]JESawyer: There are a small number of easter eggs. We tried to keep that stuff low key to not grate on people who dislike tons of immersion-breaking stuff.