Dungeons & Dragons Online Developer Diary

Turbine's official Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach website has been updated with a new developer diary written by quest designer Joe Barry.
The notion of the proto-typical MMO 'Player' doesn't really exist. Everybody likes something a little bit different from everyone else. Sure, there are experiences that they have in common and share, but there are many that they don't. Long ago, Richard Bartle wrote about 4 types of MMO players: Killers, Socializers, Explorers, and Achievers. When I initially envision a quest or dungeon idea, I pick one or two of those groups as my target and then craft a dungeon which that type of player would really enjoy and possibly consider one of the best dungeons in game. There's an obvious downside to that: the type of player I haven't designed the dungeon for isn't going to like it.