Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

Warcry has published a lengthy interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Ryan Rucinski, quizzing the senior producer about various building-related topics related to Neverwinter Nights 2.
Q: What kind of traps can we expect to find in NWN2? Just the same as in NWN or does the dev team have prepared us some nasty surprises? Will we have wicked things like CEP had tried to do on NWN, like pits and boulders, but with a standardized use and script package to make them run properly?

A: This is from Constant Gaw, one of the designers. " Traps have not been significantly revised from the systems introduced in NWN-1. Instead, our focus has been on the balance and creative use of the existing system. Our most unique traps are typically a combination of standard template traps modified with customized scripting. This allows for the creation of some fun situations, like timing-based fireball traps, jets of steam that shoot from the ground in patterns, or even trap triggers that, when disabled, prevent future, rather than immediate, catastrophes. Between the robust scripting system and the many new visual effects created for NWN-2, modders have the tools available to create many unique traps."