Titan Quest Interview

IGN's TQ Vault was able to track down Iron Lore Entertainment associate producer Mike Verrette for a general Q&A about the team's ongoing support of Titan Quest.
Q: What had been the most widely criticized aspect of the game and do you take that into consideration for future development of the game?

A: The most criticized aspect of the game is the lack of secured servers and secure persistent characters - and honesty we did anticipate that would be the case. That was a feature we have wanted to include right from the beginning but it was just well beyond the scope of what we had time and budget for with this project. A lot of people may not realize that when we originally signed on with THQ to build Titan Quest, Iron Lore was an eight man team and through the course of development we grew to 38 people. While a lot of those people have considerable history in the game industry, this is Iron Lore's first project. So to build a complete team, a game and graphics engine from scratch, and put together an action RPG with 40 hours of gameplay was a tremendous undertaking. Knowing all that, we put a lot of time an energy into character development and our skill system, and I think that has really paid off for us.