Titan Quest Review

The folks at Game Over Online have whipped up their own review of Titan Quest, giving the action RPG an overall score of 84%.
I honestly would have thought that this game would have become boring long before now. I mean, I have a combat technique that I used on 99% of the monsters that I come across, and all I'm really doing is walking around left clicking on everything ad infinitum. And yet the monster variation, the pretty scenery, the plethora of items, the character skills, the hope of finding better loot are all keeping it going for me. Coming off of a complicated, stat-heavy game like Oblivion, Titan Quest seems almost arcade-like in comparison not a bad thing. And for those of us who wish that Blizzard would climb down off of the mountain of money that they've made from World of Warcraft and make Diablo 3, which they're not likely to do any time soon if only because all of their Sherpas are booked up hauling buckets of money upwards, Titan Quest is a pretty good substitute, even if it fails to break any significantly new ground.