Titan Quest Review

2404.org has whipped up their own review of Titan Quest, giving THQ and Iron Lore's action RPG an overall score of 7.7/10.
    Overall, Titan Quest is a fun, action-filled hack-and-slash marathon that will keep those who like this style of game playing through the end. While they did include some multiplayer functionality, it is still entirely too early to see how the create-your-own-world functionality will pan out. Still, playing the single player campaign online is certainly one way to ensure you get to experiment with the other character types. While somewhat of a bear in terms of system requirements, I was able to play the game with most of the graphical options turned up making for a very beautiful and occasionally relaxing experience. Boasting over 30 hours of play time, multiple difficulty levels and an online component, Titan Quest offers enough gameplay content to make it worth a look.