Titan Quest Reviews

The folks at Bytesector and GotFrag EXE have both kicked up new reviews for THQ and Iron Lore's Titan Quest. The review at Bytesector gives the game an overall score of 79%:
    While battling your way to Mount Olympus you might lose interest, get lost, or want to try something new, but in the end, you will want to finish this fight. The game is a great buy, and is definitely the best hack-and-slash game on the market.

    The hardcore fan will love the map maker and all the replay value it brings and the casual fan will enjoy running through the 40 hour campaign at least once. There are drawbacks that needed to be mentioned, but they really don't make the game any less fun. If you're in the mood to go out and hurl a few lighting bolts around, don't hesitate to give Titan Quest a chance.

While the review at GotFrag EXE gives the game an overall score of 85/100:
    Don't let the Diablo-clone reputation turn you off from Titan Quest, but expect this game to provide hours of true entertainment value. TQ will keep you playing with the ease of learning and mastering the games controls, to developing your character and his every ability, to amazing smooth control and beautiful graphics. Titan Quest allows the game to go in many directions, and the adding of the online co-op will keep you coming back.