Neverwinter Nights 2 Preview

GameDaily has conjured up a two-page preview of Neverwinter Nights 2, after spending some firsthand time with the game at Atari's recent press event in Las Vegas.
Chris then walked us through a bit of the game's presentation, and talked about its touch-ups. "Improved graphics was one of the core elements we wanted to improve over the first game. We recognize that we can probably do a better rendering engine and take more advantage of higher-end machines. So the presentation quality has improved considerably with spell effects and detail in creatures and armor, the look of the environments. It's pretty amazing, a pretty sizable improvement."

I decided to dig a little bit deeper on the gameplay involved with the game, beyond its companion control. Chris was happy to respond. "A lot of the core Dungeons & Dragons gameplay elements are still from the first game. We have provided a number of new attacks, spells, and options for the player to use in combat, but ultimately, the mechanic from the first game is maintained. We have tried to include more classes, spell options to use, and more abilities for the characters to use in combat. But people should see the 3.5 D & D rule still faithfully implemented."