Titan Quest Reviews

Another pair of reviews for Iron Lore's Titan Quest have surfaced on the web, and they're both fairly positive. The first is at GameShark with an overall score of "A-":
Titan Quest is long playing solo the campaign can take easily up to 40 hours to complete. That's a lot of mouse clicking, and if you're already worn out of this style of action-RPG it's doubtful that Titan Quest will re-kindle the fire simply because at its heart it is still a mouse click fest with better trappings. That said, for the rest of us, Titan Quest is an addictive, beautiful, well-designed game that is easily at the top of its genre.

And the second is at PC Gameworld with an overall score of 78%:
Although it has its flaws, Titan Quest makes for a decent package when you factor in online co-op and the packaged world editor. If those things do not interest you, however, then what you are left with is a good looking game with a great setting and some original monsters that is linear, repetitive, and easy to exploit. And that is the long answer.