Titan Quest Reviews

Yet another trio of Titan Quest reviews have surfaced on the web, all of which are fairly positive. The first is at GamesFirst! with an overall score of 4/5:
Titan Quest is a fantastic game whose only major drawback is that you feel like you've played it before. Sticking to the exact same formula that made Diablo II the legend that it is today while making improvements in gameplay, most notably a better ability system and a more streamlined experience overall, Iron Lore comes up with a real winner. Gamers who love the hack-and-slash genre will undoubtedly love Titan Quest.

The second is at MMGN with an overall score of 7.5/10:
It's a well made game with plenty of tiny details to get lost over. It does however get a bit repetitive killing mobs over and over. There are plenty of times when you'll get close to killing bosses and dying and wanting to go back just to finish the job. It's well worth playing but unless you're a dedicated RGP player you'll find yourself playing small spurts of the game instead of playing in for a large number of hours at a time. Be sure to also purchase a good hard wearing mouse when buying the game as you'll need it.

And the third is at Gaming Age with an overall score of "C":
All in all, the game is rather unremarkable but I had a decent time playing it. No harm in ripping off another game, especially since they did a reasonable job of doing it. Had they botched it, it would've been a different story. I can't give it as good a grade as I'd like to because of the installation issues, and it's not an original concept but it still manages to be a fun little game.