Titan Quest Reviews

Iron Lore's Titan Quest continues to be the subject of positive reviews, with three more popping up late yesterday. The first is at SciFi.com with an overall score of "A-":
Had Titan Quest looked poorly or suffered from a clunky interface, it'd be another run-of-the-mill non-contender. As it stands, think of this as roughly 40 hours portioned into three lengthy sections with typically stunning good looks. In addition to tweaking your hero into well-honed short- or long-range weapons or magic use, you'll enjoy playing Titan Quest simply to see "what comes next" in its panoply of dazzling mythic vistas.

The second is at GamerDad with an overall score of 4/5:
The ultimate focus of an action role-playing game is combat, and here it is intense but never gruesome. The game has excellent lighting and physics, sending enemies sprawling when a volcano explodes near them, but there is no blood or dismemberment. The battles are pitched and furious, and you are constantly in peril and outnumbered, but there is never a battle you cannot survive given you are properly prepared. This is a great gaming experience for teens and adults to share for the pure enjoyment of great gameplay without concern over content.

And the third is at RPGFront with an overall score of 8/10.
Titan Quest is playable in single player, LAN, and Open Internet with up to 6 players in a game at a time. At the moment, it does not have a character vault or closed internet play system, so you should play with friends and people you trust not to cheat on their characters if you want to have a good time. It's understandable that Iron Lore does not currently have support for a closed system, as they are a fairly new company and don't have the deep pockets of Blizzard to back their play, but the developers have mentioned that it is in their interest to install such a system at some point in the future, either in an update or an expansion pack. In any case, many players in the burgeoning Titan Quest community have taken to establishing a Hamachi-based LAN with (legit) players, so it's pretty easy to find people with which to play the game.