Titan Quest Reviews

The guys at Game Vortex and Hexus Gaming have both taken a closer look at THQ and Iron Lore's action RPG, Titan Quest. Game Vortex gave the game an overall score of 82%:
Although the tone of the review probably doesn't make Titan Quest sound great, it is still a good game. While it isn't a must play, it is still a solid experience, especially if you're a fan of Diablo.

And Hexus Gaming awarded it their Editor's Choice:
The game interface places everything you'll need within easy reach and the gameplay itself is smooth and intuitive, perfect for beginners and experts alike. In fact, if you look at the skills and character classes, these are familiar too, being used in a similar way in other RPGs. The online game is as much fun as the single player mode and there's loads of options for not only equipping your character but also in deciding how that character develops. The only downers are the few bugs that are still here even after patching and the fairly weak storyline. In summing up, I'd have to say that if you enjoyed Diablo, Dungeon Siege and Guold Wars, you're going to love Titan Quest. And if you've never played an action RPG before, well what are you waiting for?