Dungeons & Dragons Online In-Game Trivia Event

Turbine has announced a new in-game trivia event for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, in which players can test their knowledge of D&D for a chance to win prizes.
The Coin Lords would like to introduce their new representative to Stormreach: Sir Lawrence d'Deneith! As his first diplomatic outreach to the citizens of Stormreach, he will present an In-Game Trivia Event on the Riedra, Fernia and Aerenal servers! Starting at 7PM Eastern, you will have the chance to win prizes as you prove your expertise in all things related to DDO and pencil-and-paper D&D!

Sir Lawrence will broadcast trivia questions and select a grand prize winner among the finalists. A copy of the D&D Basic Game and a limited edition poster signed by the DDO Dev Team and Sir Lawrence d'Deneith will be awarded to the event winners on each of these three servers! All finalists will also win "Lawrence's Robe of Trivial Knowledge", a unique item only available to contest finalists!

Event Schedule:

7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific: Riedra
9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific: Fernia
11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific: Aerenal