Titan Quest State of the Game

Iron Lore's Mike Verrette stopped by the TitanQuest.net forums to provide everyone with an update on what the team is working on for the game's next patch. He also provides a link to a new chat log and gives our new walkthrough a plug!
Just wanted to give a quick shout out and let everyone know that we are working on the next patch. The crash issues are still on the top of our list and we are working closely with several members of the community in trying to reproduce these porblems in our labs so we can get them fixed. We also have some fixes going into the editor for the next patch as well.

I don't have a date for anyone at this time but I will post that information as well as some preliminary patch notes as I get them.

A lot of people in the community have been asking how TQ has been selling and while we dont have any of the official sales figures yet I can say that GameSpot had reported us as the #3 seller in the US for the week of JUne 25th, and I have heard rumor that we hit #1 in Germany and Spain and I beleive we were in the top 10 in the UK as well!!

We also just wrapped up work on a few beginner tutorial videos for the editor. I dont have the details on their release yet, but if you are thinking about trying out the editor but are intimidated by all the documentation - these will definately get you off the ground and running. More details coming soon!

Also a bunch of us Dev types just did a Dev Chat on Xfire last night. Y'all can read the transcript here :


Oh, and the talented and very busy folks over at GameBanshee.com just put together a walkthrough up to eqypt containing maps of all the levels. Check that out here:


Thats about it for now - see you all in Greece!!