Star Wars Galaxies Friday Feature

Sony's official Star Wars Galaxies website has been updated with a new Friday Feature, this time offering a short story focusing on the Battle for Restuss.
Still wanting to find out what happened, but not interested in landing in an Imperial prison cell, he went out of visual range of the patrol point then started circling around the ruined city looking for a possible entry point. Fortunately, he was adept at sneaking around. Unlike most others, he learned long ago how to blend in and avoid suspicious eyes. He moved around inside a large Imperial base that had been built only a few short weeks ago. It was bustling with activity but was well guarded. Not wanting to risk anything, he looped around it in a wide arc and kept skirting around the city limits.

As he arrived at the far side of the city, the devastation was even more apparent. From what he could see, not a single building was spared from destruction. The battle seemed to be still raging as well.... but why would there still be combatants after such an earthshattering explosion?

Next, he came to a newer encampment, which was definitely not Imperial. He realized that if he wanted to figure any of this out , he needed to enter the camp. As he did, he noticed two men in old republic uniforms standing guard, and then soon recognized the banner they stood under as that of the Rebel Alliance. He approached and greeted the guards.