Titan Quest Reviews

THQ and Iron Lore's newly released Titan Quest is the subject of three more reviews around the 'net. The first is at Club Skill with an overall score of 7.5/10:
Ultimately Titan Quest is a solid and likeable slash-'em-up romp with predictable if very well-implemented skills and RPG aspects. The skills system is focused more on gradual curves than immediate gratification, and in a game that throws you into consistent action, this aspect gels well and is one of the reasons you will enjoy the game. Nothing about the game screams classic, but then, it's hard to judge its admittedly straightforward nature too harshly as virtually every aspect is at least tolerable (even the hit-and-miss voice acting at its worst isn't too shoddy) and most parts of the game have such an element of gloss and class that, ultimately, it's a game definitely to be recommended to people who thought this sub-genre died with Diablo 2 and have been hankering after some similar action.

The second is at Hooked Gamers with an overall score of 8/10:
Titan Quest is a remarkable game, filled with wondrous sights, great lore, and rewarding gameplay but it is also imperfect, filled with enough little bugs to annoy, and an end that disappoints. While it is still a good game, a little more polish, some editing, and an ending cinematic appropriate for such a visually splendid game might have made Titan Quest outshine even Zeus himself.

And the third is at Game Revolution with an overall score of "C+":
For those special few who cannot get enough of the hack-and-click action RPG thing, Titan Quest will effectively scratch that itch. However, its lack of substantial innovation, problems with loot and technical hiccups keep it from conquering Olympus.