Titan Quest Reviews

Three more positive reviews for THQ and Iron Lore's Titan Quest have surfaced on the web. The first is at AtomicGamer with an overall score of 85%:
Due to some critical flaws in the multiplayer mode, Titan Quest winds up being a blast for you and your trusted friends for at least a couple weeks if not more, but it just won't go any further than that without Iron Lore doing some serious work on the online play. The graphics are amazing, the story's pretty damn good, and the action's satisfying - these are all hallmarks of a great clicky-click action/RPG - but this one just lacks some vital components that could have made it a true Diablo II killer. I'm still impressed and very surprised at Iron Lore's success with their first shipped game, however, and I'll definitely be looking forward to their next game.

The second is at GameZone with an overall score of 7.9/10:
Overall, Titan Quest is a game that will offer enjoyment to RPG players even if you don't stick in for the long haul. The game is addicting to me personally, and the hack-and-slash style is something I've always enjoyed going back to Diablo days. If that type of style appeals to you, then get this game. If you need something a little deeper in story with your hacking action, then you may want to hold off on this one or see about picking it up used.

And the third is at Gaming Illustrated with an overall score of 94%:
Overall, Titan Quest is an absolute Editor's Choice winner for quality and fun. If you love RPGs, then this title is a must have for any PC gamer. With the right hardware, it offers better graphics than any game in its genre to date, with a really nice set of monsters that will sometimes scare you right off your mouse. Between the amazing graphics, the great class and skill system, plus the ability to play game through multiple times locally on on-line (with up to 6 players at a time), Titan Quest is a game that will suck you in for hours at a time, and comes highly recommended for purchase.