Titan Quest Reviews

An assortment of new reviews for Iron Lore's Titan Quest have been posted to the web, and they're all fairly positive. The first is at Pro-G with an overall score of 8/10:
Titan Quest doesn't really do anything new. What it does do is deliver a lengthy and hugely enjoyable single and multiplayer adventure, wrap it up with some stunning presentation, and make it accessible to almost everyone. Some niggles with the inventory system are a little grating, but it's easy to forgive a few slight oversights when the game as a whole is so well put together. There's the potential for new (free) content as well, making the game a must for all RPG fans.

The second is at Softpedia with an overall score of 8.6/10:
The game can be a winner if the producers choose to further support the title. Titan Quest came just at the right time to fill a giant hole that is getting deeper and deeper with the non-sense of Diablo. I loved it and I'm going to play it for a long time waiting to hear of a sequel branded Iron Lore.

The third is at TrustedReviews with an overall score of 7/10:
A slick, gorgeous looking and entertaining Diablo clone, but in the end that's all it is. While ludicrously addictive, it's not the deepest or most rewarding RPG in town.

The fourth is at TotalVideoGames with an overall score of 7/10:
Filling the current void of click-click RPGs with a lengthy and absorbing campaign, high production values and enough loot to keep even a "ninjalooter" happy; whether or not such qualities are enough to look past the game's lack of creativity, however, very much depends on whether you've spent the last five years waiting for Diablo 3 or not.

And the fifth is at Charter.net with an overall score of 8.1/10:
If I'm harsh on Titan Quest, perhaps it's because I expected something clearly better than D2 to come out of the subgenre, after several years of opportunity -- and Iron Lore looked like a good fit. I recommend grabbing the demo, and if you like it, you'll probably like the game, too. If you find yourself a little disenchanted, though, it's probably not just you. I think it looks impressive and offers a ton of content, and there are certainly worse games with which to spend your summer days (and there are worse games coming out of new development houses). I find, however, that there's a bit too much churn to keep me hooked the whole way through. I thought the pyramids were a cool, atmospheric segment of the game, but they were more the exception than the norm.