The Age of Decadence Interview, Part Two

RPG Vault has published the second installment to their interview with Iron Tower Studios' Vince D. Weller about the team's upcoming turn-based RPG, The Age of Decadence.
Q: Will characters have access to lots of different weapons, armor and other items? Will it be possible to upgrade them? Will there be rare or unique ones?

A: There are eight weapon classes - daggers, swords, axes, hammers, spears, crossbows, bows, and throwing weapons; seven armor types, four shield types, a large variety of clothing, and numerous miscellaneous items like rope, tools, flasks, ore, rings, scrolls, etc.

We have a very detailed alchemy and crafting systems, so you will be able to upgrade you items and turn an average sword into a legendary weapon. There are 10 different crafting techniques that you can apply to your weapons (and there are different upgrades for armor), ranging from forging a weapon from rare ore to balancing (increased speed), adding a nice edge (damage bonus vs. armor), or making your very own flaming sword (requires Alchemy and Greek fire).

There are no unique weapons like The Sword of Untimely Death or The Club of Ultimate Asskicking, but there are rare weapons forged by highly skilled smiths, which would be very valuable to those who didn't spend (m)any points on Crafting.