Titan Quest Reviews

Four more online reviews for THQ and Iron Lore's Titan Quest are now available, and they're all positive. The first is at CVG with an overall score of 8.1/10:
This is a pure action RPG with huge production values, great visuals and a fairly diverting levelling system. It doesn't rewrite the rules of the genre because it isn't supposed to. Allow me an analogy, if you will: if Oblivion is a gourmet dish with a rewarding taste that needs some acquiring, Titan Quest is a Big Mac - it's pretty tasty and fills a hole, but it isn't going to provide any huge surprises.

The second is at Computer Games Romania with an overall score of 85/100:
Titan Quest is one of those rare games where the designers actually managed to do what they set out to do and even though some will view it just as (Diablo 2 with a different background), TQ is a game that can stand on its own. A couple of extra features, engine optimizations and less game breaking bugs would have certainly raised the score higher. Nevertheless, these are things which can easily be corrected with a patch or add-on / sequel. And judging by the quality of the game I don't see why it won't have the financial success to warrant at least an expansion pack. Bottom line, if you care for your mouse and have no desire to kill thousands upon thousands of monsters, you can safely skip this one, but if you're a fan of the hack and slash genre you certainly won't regret the time spent in Titan Quest.

The third is at Eurogamer with an overall score of 7/10:
Multiplayer facilities allow you to transfer characters across from single-player worlds, so you're able to break out of the realm of monster-mincing loneliness and scour the Greek lands with up to five other heroic chums. According to developers Iron Lore it is expecting lots of mods and player made maps, and it has tried to go some way to catering for that, making the additions easy to install and manage. Whether this will actually happen will depend on just how many people buy into this next-gen of the last-gen RPG, but since it's being touted as the spiritual (and mechanical) successor to a certain aged Blizzard RPG, the necessary over-popularity seems fairly plausible.

And the fourth is at Boomtown with an overall score of 8/10:
Whether Titan Quest appeals to you depends how you view that simple Click Click Click gameplay. Any Diablo fan should lap the game up. It's a detailed, entertaining and long-lasting adventure with plenty to do and see. Titan Quest You Go Smash, Take Shiny Things (I've decided that's what I'm calling it from now on) is a fun game that feels rather fresh in the absence of a rival from Blizzard.