Titan Quest Review

The guys at Shacknews have written up their own review of Iron Lore's Titan Quest, and while they don't give the action RPG an overall score, they clearly liked it... a lot.
Since the games are so similar, many gamers have already made up their minds to view Titan Quest as nothing more than something to hold them over until the inevitable release of Diablo III. Please don't. Firstly, Diablo III probably won't be out until at least 2012, knowing Blizzard; and second, Titan Quest is a very good game that can stand on its own two legs. Yes, it's almost identical to Diablo II in countless different ways, but it's unique enough that both D2 fans and gamers that are looking for their first foray into dungeon crawling will find copious amounts of enjoyment. This is a great game, and well worth your time and money.