Titan Quest Peek #2

RPG Vault has released the second installment to their ongoing "peek" feature for Iron Lore Entertainment's Titan Quest. This time around, lead gameplay designer Arthur Bruno offers his advice on building a powerful character in the action RPG.
Eventually you'll need defensive skills since you must take enemy hits in order to trigger your powerful retaliation skills. In fact, the more you get hit, the better, so the ability to mitigate damage is crucial. Armor Handling (reduction to armor requirements) will make up for the lack of strength provided by Storm mastery, allowing you to still wear the best armor. Adrenaline (chance, when hit, of triggering rapid health regeneration) with its modifier: Resilience (reduces recharge time of Adrenaline) is important to reduce dependence on health potions, and is synergistic with Rally (Instant heal and +% health regeneration for a duration). Battle Awareness (bonus armor and defensive ability) with its modifier, Focus (increased shield block) will help you take the hits.