Titan Quest Interview

RPG Vault has published a two-page interview with Iron Lore's Brian Sullivan about their soon-to-be-released action RPG, Titan Quest.
Q: Are there any other key features and elements that may not have gotten all the attention they deserve?

A: We have an epic adventure that spans the ancient world from ancient Greece to Egypt, Babylon and even as far away as ancient China. The story was written by the highly talented Randall Wallace of Braveheart fame. Getting such an experienced writer to write it for Titan Quest really elevates the story experience above what most other games offer.

The next key feature I would like to highlight is our flexible class system. Titan Quest allows the player to select two skill masteries from a total of eight, giving 28 total class combinations. This allows the game to be played 28 fun and different ways, giving the game great replay value. We also have a very nice skill system, where most skills can be modified by higher-level ones, making it so that no skills will become obsolete, and so that players can customize their skills to match their type of gameplay.