Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

IGN's D&D Vault has posted an interview with Turbine's James Jones, quizzing the executive producer about their future plans for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach.
Q: Where does the team see DDO in six months? (level cap, dungeons, etc)

A: We have big plans for D&D Online in the future, not just 6 months from now but over the longer term. Some of the obvious things like prestige classes, epic levels, crafting, and PvP are already planned items for us. But we are looking beyond these things as well in game mail, transportation systems, tavern games, auction systems, expanded guild systems, housing, politics, factions, NPC Party Members are all on our potential feature list. If it's in D&D it's possible it will be in D&D Online, we are really focusing on bring everything fun about D&D to the online version.