The Age of Decadence Interview

RPGDot had the chance to fire off several questions to Iron Tower Studios about their upcoming turn-based post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, The Age of Decadence.
Q: Opening vignettes are planned based on the player's class - would you mind describing them? How long are they and how much freedom will players have?

A: There is a mini-story, explaining how your character got the map. An independent merchant, seeking trading favors from one of the Noble Houses, controlling a small town, arrives into the town, bringing a gift, an ancient map, to the lord of the town. The Merchants Guild quickly orders the assassination, and the merchant is attacked before he has a chance to meet with the lord and present his gift and his case.

Now, the player picks a "background" when he/she starts the game, which defines his/her position within the gameworld and the role in the vignette mini-story. For example, the mercenary is hired to protect the merchant, the loremaster will be called to identify the map, the assassin is hired to kill the merchant, etc. In the end, one way or another, PC acquires the map, and starts figuring out what to do with it.

There is some degree of freedom in each vignette, but the overall freedom is limited. Obviously, if you are hired to kill the merchant, you can't go exploring far away places for 3 months, and then remember about the merchant. In the actual game, we handle such matters differently; allowing the events you may have changed to take place, but since getting the map is what starts the story, we have to ensure that you get it.