Titan Quest Designer Diary #7

GameSpot has delivered a seventh designer diary for Titan Quest, this time with producer Jeff Goodsill providing an overview of the action RPG as it reaches the final stages of development.
Titan Quest has been on the drawing board for almost six years and has been in full production for more than two. In the very early years it was Brian Sullivan setting the vision for the product, with the help of cofounder Paul Chieffo, Max McGuire (programmer extraordinaire), Rich Sullivan (lead concept artist), and Josh McHugh (artist). In those early years, that group, with the help of a few others, worked in a small, windowless office we now call "The Dungeon." Iron Lore, led by President Brian Sullivan, has grown into a dedicated team of 38 developers with talent, patience, passion, and a love for games. Since it signed on as our publisher, THQ's superb professionals have helped us steer Titan Quest toward its fast-approaching launch date.