Titan Quest Developer Blog #16

A sixteenth installment to the TQ Vault's developer blog feature is now available, this time with Titan Quest QA tester Chris McCarthy discussing some of the gameplay testing he has done. A snippet, as usual:
The next quest you encounter is more emblematic of those quests which you will see in TQ. The leader of Helos, Diomedes, will ask you to help his village which has been besieged by Satyrs and corrupted beasts of the wild. Once again, you can choose to not help but you will be missing out on one of the simplest and, for the new player, more gratifying first quests.

If you choose to help Diomedes, you will have to fight your way to the leader of the Satyrs in the area, a very powerful Satyr Shaman who is well guarded. By accepting the quest, you simply have to kill the Satyr Shaman; the Shaman can be a tough fight for new players, but you will receive some pretty handsome treasure for ridding the lands of his vile presence. After killing the Shaman, Diomedes with reward you with experience and gold, and he will give you directions on what you must do next in Titan Quest.