Dungeons & Dragons Online: Twilight Forge Preview

GameSpy has whipped up a short preview of Turbine's upcoming Twilight Forge module for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. A little something to start you off:
The most interesting new features coming in Twilight Forge are the more subtle ones. According to Jones, the team is working hard to dramatically revamp their social tools, including a redesign on the looking-for-group system that resembles in-game want ads. There's also an in-game mail system in the works and a bit more solo content available in the low-level Harbor section of Stormreach. Jones believes this will help new players more easily transition into the group-required mind set that Dungeons & Dragons Online is built around. The team is also working on a new addition to the "Adventurer's Journal" that will act as a guide to all the quests in the game and act as a record of which ones have been completed. Completing certain dungeons will grant favor with one of the three Dragonmarked houses that rule Stormreach, and finishing enough dungeons will give the player awards and bonuses that can only be earned through family favor -- like extra bank slots.