Neverwinter Nights 2 E3 Previews

Both IGN PC and ActionTrip are offering up new previews of Obsidian's Neverwinter Nights 2, based on some firsthand time with the RPG sequel on the show floor of E3. A snip from IGN PC's article:
Fans of the original game won't see many changes to the combat system. The basic commands and controls are still the same as you remember which isn't such a bad thing considering how solid they were the first time around. What has changed is that critical hits are much cooler now. The first game merely threw a little critical hit tag up in the air; the new game will indicate critical hits with cool weapon trails and neat blood splatters.

And a snip from ActionTrip's article:
One of the most important changes in the sequel is the development tool kit for module making. This will ship with the game and is incredibly versatile. A module maker can even change the position of the sun, the color and intensity of the sun's light, the color and intensity of the light reflecting down from the sky and up from the ground. Objects, depending on what light source they are more effected by, will shine with different colors and reflections.