Titan Quest E3 Previews

A handful of new previews for Iron Lore's Titan Quest reached the web late last week, all of which are based on firsthand impressions of the action RPG during E3. The first is at IGN PC:
Enemies come at you fast and frequently. What little of the storyline revealed today shows much promise. Your character starts off in Greece in a location known as Helos Village. The villagers plead with you to help them. A large group of Satyr demons are attacking and destroying the village's crops and animals. The village's priest puts you on the quest to rid the fields of them. As soon as he does so, the intuitive interface of the game becomes apparent. If you hit 'Q' a quest menu comes up, outlining all objectives needed to proceed to the next location on the map. In this case the objectives are 1) speak to the village priest, 2) seek out and destroy all the Satyrs, and 3) locate and kill the Satyr Chieftan and report back to the village priest. What is nice about the Quest menu is that it outlines what you will be rewarded BEFORE even completing the quest. This is particularly helpful when an optional sidequest is given to you. By seeing what the rewards for the quest are, you can choose to do it or not, without having to waste a lot of time on a quest that you aren't really happy with (in terms of loot or XP).

The second is at Games Radar:
There are eight types of skill in all, and you select first one, and later a second discipline to make your specialty. The key is that you choose it all yourself. If you want to start out learning Earth skills, which give you access to fire magic and enable you to summon an earth elemental, but then add Warfare skills, which are all about physical offensive attacks, you can. You'll end up with a character that is uniquely yours.

The third is at GameSpy:
In my case, I knew I'd only be able to play for a little while, so I decided to go for the immediately useful. My RPG class philosophy is simple -- there are very few problems that can't be solved by the liberal application of fire. I took as my first two skills a basic fireball and a fire enchantment that turns any ordinary sword into a blazing torch. Thus armed, I waded into the thick of the Satyrs' woods, laying about me with my flaming sword and fireballs, and hitting the "alt" key to pick up the goodies that flew off their bodies. In a relatively short time, I had acquired a decent set of leather armor, a couple of experience levels, and a subpoena from The Hague wanting me to answer questions about my one-man genocide against the Satyrs.

And the fourth is at WorthPlaying:
Beyond the 30-hour single-player adventure, Titan Quest supports six-player multiplayer-questing. Iron Lore also said competitions for fan-created content will follow the game's release to encourage use of the editor and nurture the community they hope will still be playing Titan Quest 10 years down the line, Diablo-style.