Titan Quest Interview

GamesIndustry.biz has conducted an interview with Iron Lore's Brian Sullivan, in which the former Age of Empires developer answers several questions about their upcoming action RPG, Titan Quest. Check it out:
Q: There's been a lot of talk about the influence Diablo had on the game - did you see any issues or problems with that game that you wanted to fix with Titan Quest?

A: Oh yeah, there's a lot. There's the graphics of course, it was just very dated for nowadays. In Diablo, when you stopped the game, you'd start again at the last teleport place, and sometimes they were over an hour apart, so if you wanted to play for a half hour in the evening, and you didn't make it to the next teleporter shrine, you'd start again back where you were before.

Nowadays, people are so busy, you can't play for a long period of time, so we wanted a game where you can play for a little while, and still make some progress. So we have respawn shrines - you go back to your last respawn shrine, but they're much closer together. That's just one example, but there's lots of ways we tried to expand the basic Diablo action RPG gameplay.