Titan Quest Preview & Video Interview

GameSpot is offering up a new two-page hands-on preview of Titan Quest, as well as a video interview with Iron Lore's Brian Sullivan about the highly anticipated action RPG. A snip from the preview:
Though you battle countless mythological monsters, Iron Lore is going for a sort of logical reality to the game world. Monsters--there are more than 85 different types, with multiple variations of each type--will be able to use many of the same skills and weapons that your character can use, which means that what's good for you is also good for them. If you can use a net to slow them down, the monsters will be able to do the same to you. Moreover, if you see a monster using a specific weapon, odds are you'll be able to recover that weapon from them when they're dead. There will no longer be any more of those random "drops" seen in other games, such as when you would kill a wolf and they would drop a two-handed sword. There are over a thousand unique, hand-crafted items in the game that the developers designed themselves. That's in addition to the countless randomly generated items that the game comes up with on the fly. Together, this ensures that there will be tons of loot to sort through, and you'll spend a lot of time hunting for that precise piece of equipment that will complete your character's collection. We should also note that each of the game's three settings has its own distinctive armor and equipment, which means that your character's look will evolve from Greek to Egyptian to Asian as you pick up themed gear.