Titan Quest Interview

Eurogamer had the opportunity to chat with Iron Lore's Brian Sullivan about several different aspects of Titan Quest, including character generation, the skill system, areas of exploration, and more. A snip:
The skills you choose, of course, are key to how you'll defeat enemies - and you'll meet a wide variety of them as you visit locations such as the banks of the Nile, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the maze at Knossos and the Great Wall of China. But why did Iron Lore decide to feature so many different environments? Surely it would have been easier just to concentrate on one ancient civilisation for now?

"Well, the original byline for Titan Quest was: 'An epic adventure in the ancient world," Sullivan says.

"We felt if we just did a Greek game, it wouldn't feel very epic - we were looking for a game that went beyond what you would expect the scope of any story would be in this time period. So to do that, not only do we go to Greece, Egypt and Babylon, but we also went as far as to go to China.