Neverwinter Nights 2 Chat Log

The folks at Warcry have posted an edited log from last night's Neverwinter Nights 2 IRC chat with several members of the game's development team. A quick teaser:
Q: Big monster are always favorite when time come to fight! Can we have a scoop on some new 'big monster'?

A: So, I don't know if they count as "new" but we have Red Dragons. And they are HUGE. Gargantuan. And they look really cool. Not only do they look cool, but they are a great showcase of some of the awesome new technology that's in the game. On the smaller but still pretty darn big scale are things like Iron Golems, Balor Demons, etc. On top of all this, is a fun feature we have that lets you scale monsters. While there is an upper limit to how big you can make a monster before it'll look wrong, you can make guys pretty darn huge. Even a 20% increase in the size of, say, a lizardman makes 'em feel like a much more menacing opponent.