Ultima Online Interview

Stratics has conducted an interview with Electronic Arts' Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, quizzing the Ultima Online producer about the long-running MMORPG. Here's a bit to get you started:
Q: What is your "vision" for where you want to take Ultima Online in the near future (over the next few months & year)?

A: We are deep into planning out the long-term future of UO, so I'm not going to get into that. We'll be talking a lot about those plans in a few months, but right now, we need to get the plans done, approved and into production.

In the short term, we've taken on a few projects that I think will immediately add functionality and fun. MrTact and the design team are working on new systems to make PvP, and all combat in general, more competitive, intense and balanced. We're also working on a year-long fiction arc that will feature a wide array of in-game events, invasions, new dungeons, new characters and more.

My overall vision of UO is that it's a virtual world, where you should be able to choose how you live your virtual life. UO is a world of choices, and you can take part in all of them or just one or two; it's up to you. I never want UO to be just about one or two things, the way some other MMORPGs are about one or two things. To me, UO will always be about variety and about players crafting their own experience.