Dungeons & Dragons Online Review

The folks at Lan Game Reviews have posted an enthusiastic review of Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, though they don't offer any sort of scoring system for it. A snip:
So I am sure that you are asking yourself how the experience works. Well DDO is very different from other games with the way that it deals with XP. XP is not dished out to whoever hits harder or more often, but rather to the party as a whole. For example, we are in a dungeon. There is a level 4 as our main tank, and I am a level 2 (there are also other party members around the same level as well in the party). Just because I am the only one disabling traps, doesn't mean that I will get crappy XP. Also, there is no penalty for the MT being level 4 and me being level 2. We all get the same XP for the respective level of the dungeon (so if we kill a random mob, we all get 27 XP for a level 2 quest).