Titan Quest Designer Diary #6

GameSpot is offering up a sixth designer diary for Titan Quest, this time with Iron Lore's Ben Schneider telling us about the game's intricate storyline. A snip:
When we set about building the world of Titan Quest, we wanted more than just a main story. What an opportunity! Here we have ancient Greece and Egypt; Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization; and the Silk Road that carried trade to China; all are rendered in stunning beauty and detail by our artists and content designers. We wanted to do our part to bring this world to life. For example, you'll find Tegea, a small Greek village, early in Titan Quest. But before you ever reach the village, you'll find a man on the roadside who has medicine for sick people there, but needs you to help him get past some satyrs blocking the road. When you finally get to Tegea, you'll learn that people are sick because their spring--their only source of water--has been poisoned. Moving on, you'll find that the larger city of Megara is troubled by the undead, and if you walk around there, more than one person is going to be interested in talking about the problems of their city.