Neverwinter Nights 2 Preview

Hooked Gamers has tossed up a short preview of Neverwinter Nights 2, based on what we know about Obsidian's RPG sequel so far. A snippet:
You will do this by completing a bevy of campaigns or quests and fighting a ton of different monsters. The game features over 80 different types of enemies and they come in many different colors, flavors and levels. Your duty will be to destroy them and to unearth the Secret of the Relic. In your travels from the Mere of Dead Men to the mountainous landscape of the Old Owl and all the way to the fantastic fight at the end of the game; you will encounter beautifully rendered 3 dimensional characters and many different and interesting picture perfect locals. The fighting will be as fierce as only it can be in the fantastic world of Neverwinter. That means the clash of sword meeting solid armor or flesh or the resounding crack of your Mage casting a lightning spell will come flowing out of your speakers in all of its glory. It is all here for the dragon slaying Paladin, the winsome little spell casting Mage and the powerful Fighter.