Ultima V: Lazarus v1.2 Patch Released

Team Lazarus has released an official v1.2 patch that fixes bugs and adds more content to their Ultima V: Lazarus modification for Dungeon Siege. The patch announcement:
This is it, folks--we've fixed the bugs, we've added lots of new cool stuff, we've shuffled around secrets so that the game will still be fresh for those of you who already played 1.0 or 1.1, and we've added a shiny new level of polish and combat balance tweaks across the whole world.

We've fixed every problem that we (and our army of hired guns) could find, and we've added a ton of new content that I'm sure you're going to love. :)

There's only one thing we've taken OUT of the game, and that's the spell "Blink." Now don't cry, I love the spell as much as you do, but there were some technical problems with it that unfortunately proved entirely impossible to solve. Thus we had to remove it from the game for v1.20, which is meant to be a basically bug-free experience. The few areas in the game where you previously HAD to use Blink have been altered to allow for alternate means of transportation.

There's also an optional patch to reinstate the Blink spell, for those of you willing to risk the bugs that go along with it.